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fot. Bartek Barczyk

/ menthol architects

Menthol Architects is an interdisciplinary design office that serves fresh ideas and sustainable architecture. The studio successfully explores various areas of design from industrial design to architecture and urban planning. In 2017, the office was among the ten most innovative architectural studios in Poland in the plebiscite ‘Innovations in Architecture’ organised by the most prestigious architectural magazine in Poland Architektura-murator. Our work is the result of a broad analysis and multidisciplinary cooperation, which responds to user’s needs, respects the nature and benefits from its renewable resources and creates friendly places to live regardless of scale which gives joy to future users. The variety of design challenges is for us a key element in the search for our own identity, this preserve the flow of creative energy. Architecture is a special art for us, having features of social utility, the art of a specific social mission.

Menthol is an organic compound naturally occurring in mint plants. Menthol’s ability to chemically trigger the cold-sensitive receptors in the skin is responsible for the well-known cooling sensation that it provokes when inhaled, eaten, or applied to the skin. Many people around the world enjoy a clear aroma and refreshing feeling of menthol. We want to introduce this sensation of freshness in designs we create.


/ passive house and energy efficient buildings

We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing energy efficient and passive buildings. We have obtained an official certificate of Passive House Designer Passive House Tradesperson issued by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, confirming our knowledge of a passive house design.

It is a fact that new buildings can be designed in such way that they consume only a small fraction of the energy used by conventional houses. Far more than 10,000 Passive Houses have been built all over Europe - buildings, whose space heating demand equals only about one tenth compared to the average building stock. The quality requirements for the Passive House standard were compiled quite some years ago and all relevant information is published and freely accessible on the internet. All this cannot, however, replace experienced designer with a sound understanding of the associated technical background knowledge.

passive house cert

/ energy calculations

Each of our projects is supported by energy calculations performed by specialized programs like PHPP program (Passive House Planning Package) which is recommended by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. This way we have a control over our solutions introduced at every stage of the design, resulting in the creation of more energy-efficient design solutions.

/ sustainability

We represent emerging architecture movement that is exploring mankind’s desire to reconnect to the natural environment through the built environment, referred to as ‘natural architecture’. It aims to create more harmonious relationship between man and nature by exploring what it means to design with nature in mind. Our commitment to produce sustainable designs is permanent in our design process with the goal for the benefit to the community and environment. Talk to us to find out how little it is needed to be more sustainable and how this can add value to your project and life !

/ master planning

We have been engaged in many master planning and urban designs which include successful completion entries and tender designs. We’ve gained sufficient knowledge and have tools to analyse and plan various scale developments varying from one-off housing units to apartment blocks and large scale mixed use urban developments.

/ architecture

We understand complexity and long term commitment to the building process therefore we work close with our Clients to develop and deliver optimised designs. We have broad experience with various scale and type of buildings. We provide complete services from concept to completion and marketing. We accompany our design process with on site assessment, feasibility and concept studies, scale models, computer generated 3d models and photomontages. We have been coordinating complex projects where we've dealt with broad range of design consultants and contractors. We always take comments on board and try to deliver balanced solution which is creative and cost-effective. Talk to us to find out how we can help you to develop your idea !

/ interior design

We deliver high quality interior designs where functionality and lighting is the key aspect of space. We like to play with colours and textures and we often use natural and recycled materials. We use sophisticated software and work closely with wide range of suppliers so you can test colours or materials before you pick the right one. We also provide expertise on fit-out options, relocation advises and branding strategy. Talk to us to find out how we can improve your space !

/ industrial design

We like to experiment with industrial designs where we have a possibility to study function and form and the connection between product and the user on a small scale. We focus on designing socially useful designs and designing for sustainable development where usability, reuse of materials and responsible approach to economic and social reality is well considered. We have entered many design competitions with success and developed projects from design to production.