Building swift tower

/// installing the tower on the foundation

Some time ago Swifts moved into our buildings to breed. Unfortunately its population is rapidly declining all over the Europe as a result of the loss of nest sites through demolition and renovation to buildings. Newly insulated buildings and modern construction doesn’t have adequate spaces where birds can nest. As a part of protection campaign, we have completed works on the breeding tower, thus the first free-standing Tower for Swifts in Poland is up!

The structure is 8 meters high and its shape refers to the silhouette of the flying swift. Why swifts arouse so much emotion? Well, they are irreplaceable, and above all, a natural weapon against the mosquitoes and biting flies. During the day, pair of swifts can eat up to 20 thousand of these troublesome insects. Although in Poland swifts are protected, in recent years we have seen a significant decline in their population. During the breeding season the birds are happy to nest in the cracklines of blocks of flats or under the roofs of houses. Unfortunately, although illegal, it is more and more common to destroy their nests during refurbishment work. Therefore Białołęka officials with STOP (Warsaw Society for the Protection of Birds) and district councilor - Marcin Korowaj, decided to get involved in the construction of the tower adapted to the needs of these useful birds. Tower will not only be a new home for these wonderful birds, but will also serve a symbolic and educational function. We hope that this type of eco-friendly initiative, will spread interest in swift's protection and it's useful role in our environment.

Many thanks to Dick Newell of Action for Swifts who guide us through the design process. Thanks are also mandatory to main contractors, Kromiss Sp. z o. o. from Czestochowa and RMS Poland, who in spite of a sharp and annoying frost, bravely completed the work in time.

Under this link you can see the structure at nightime.

building swift tower

/// When approaching the site the tower suddenly emerged out of the gloomy winter setting ...

building swift tower

... patiently awaiting for new tenants with the arrival of the spring.

building swift tower

It takes colours of the sky and and levitates above the ground ...

building swift tower

... resembling silhouette of the swift, all the time pays tribute to these wonderful birds.

building swift tower

The speaker visible on this image is a part of an attraction calls system. It is programmed to automatically play Swift's sounds at specyfic period of the year and time of a day and it is powered by solar energy. As soon as first chambers are occupied by new owners it could be switched off or used again in diffrent tower.

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